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"Publish this work as it is. There is no need to give an opinion on its origin, 

if it be extraordinary or not. Whoever  reads  it will understand."

-Pope Pius XII


The translations presented on this web site were graciously granted the Imprimatur of Bishop Roman Danylak, though they are the private and unauthorized work of

the Sitemaster, who would appreciate being informed of any errors or mistranslations.

Relevant Texts and Testimonies:

  •  Karl Rahner, S.J. : On "Private Revelations"

  •  Introduction to Maria Valtorta & Her Epic Narrative: The Poem of the Man-God

  •  The Incredibly Random Composition of The Poem..., by Fr. Jorge Fuentes

  •  Authoritative Testimonies Collected by  Valtorta Publishing Co.

  •  Testimony of Fr. Corrado Berti, O.S.M., on Maria Valtorta and The Poem of the Man-God

  •  Bishop Roman Danylak: Imprimatur and Testimonials:

          •  His Imprimatur for this Valtorta Web Site

          •  His Imprimatur for this Valtorta Web Site [Spanish Version]

          •  Rejoinder to EWTN's Condemnation of Valtorta's Poem

          •  Testimonial Preface to New English Editions of The Poem

          •  In Defense of The Poem

          •  Bishop Danylak's Web Site

  •  The Church and Maria Valtorta's Poem of the Man-God

  •  Bl. Gabriel Allegra, O.F.M., Biblical Exegete and Theologian: "Critique, Notes, Letters on Valtorta's Poem of the Man-God":

          •  Blessed Gabriel Allegra, O.F.M.:A Valtorta Advocate in Heaven

          •  Introduction

          •  I - A Critique of Maria Valtorta's Poem of the Man-God

          •  II - Notes for a Valtortian Critique

          •  III - Valtortian Notes of Father Allegra

          •  IV - Letters of Fr. Allegra on the Poem of the Man-God
  •  The Angels' Song of Christmas Night
  •  A Reply to the Saint Anthony Messenger (Italian Version)
  •  A PILGRIM'S GUIDE To The POEM — Augmented thematic, geographical and biblical index for lovers of THE POEM
  •  The Maria Valtorta Gospel-Meditated Rosary: Now includes the new Luminous Mysteries!!!
  •  NEW!!   Pocket-Book Edition — PRAYING THE ROSARY — with the Writings of Maria Valtorta
  •  NEW!!   THE SUNDAY GOSPELS — with the Writings of Maria Valtorta
  •  On-Line Audio Excerpts of THE SUNDAY GOSPELS from the Writings of Maria Valtorta
  •  A Reader's Guide to Maria Valtorta's Other  Writings
  •  "Saint" Maria Valtorta?  — by Emilio Pisani
  •  That Wonderful Poem! — by John Haffert
  •  Valtorta's Accurate Geographical Descriptions As an Eye Witness of Jesus' Life and Ministry
  •  Padre Livio Fanzanga on Valtorta and the "End Times"
  •  Emilio Pisani and Maria Valtorta Discuss Her Revelations
  •  Materea, Egypt - City of Refuge of the Holy Family — by P. Jorge de Jesϊs Fuentes Davison, sdb
  •  The Gospels According to Christ? —by Daniel Klimek
  •  Astronomical Dating of "The Poem of the Man-God" by L. L. Van Zandt (1937--1995)

  •  The Valtorta Enigma —by Jean-Franηois Lavθre


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Selections from Maria Valtorta's Other Mystical Revelations:


  •  The Mystery of the Holy Trinity   •  Malevolent Darkness...
  •  The Garden   •  The Martyrdom of St. Fenicola and
  •  An Hour With The Master        The Death of St. Petronilla
  •  The Hermitess   •  Eternity and the Stars
  •  The Circus   •  The Power of Obedience
  •  Martyrdom of Saints Perpetua and Felicity   •  Parable of the Pearl
  •  Saint Cecilia: Her Marriage and Martyrdom   •  Babylon the Great
  •  The Second Kingdom   •  Rationalism and Unbelief
  •  A Post-Mortem View of Valtorta's Mother   •  The Living Bread
  •  Christ Teaches About Temptation   •  Christ Speaks of Death
  •  The Parallel Passions   •  Parable of the Sower Revisited
  •  Christ Speaks on Love and Marriage   •  The Mission of Our Guardian Angels
  •  The Holy Spirit on Romans 7:14-25    •  The Holy Spirit on Sin and Fear of God
  •  The Holy Spirit on Abraham and Faith   •  Christ On the Our Father & Hail Mary
  •  The Holy Spirit: Wars & Natural Disasters   •  Christ Speaks on Pagan Sages
  •  Christ Speaks on Publishing The Poem...   •  Christ on Reactions to The Poem...
  •  Christ Teaches About Predestination   •  On Free Will & Opposition to The Poem
  •  Christ Speaks on the Eucharist   •  On the Holy Trinity and the Redemption
  •  The Eternal Father Speaks to Pope Pius XII   •  "This Generation will not Pass Away..."
      on The Poem and the Church   •  On the Beatitudes in the Magnificat
  •  Christ Speaks on The Work   •  Christ on Man's Two Opposed Memories
  •  Christ Speaks of Satan's Hatred   •  Letters of Valtorta to Fr. Migliorini
    •  What Is Man [From Valtorta's Notes]

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